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Max Free’s knowledge of PC network implementation has become a vital piece of his career development. His emphasis on compatibility and communication between systems has allowed him expert status. The Internet has become a powerful force to be reckoned with in the day to day function of human life. The development of mobile applications, big data, and the Internet of things clearly defines there is no question in the value of Network Implementation. Network implementation allows computers to communicate information among each other in an organized and coherent fashion in order to quickly and easily exchange meaningful data. Without computers communicating with each other the Internet would not be possible. Max Free states that the systems that are required are very complex needing a specific level of expertise and experience that many do not possess. In the field of information technology, network implementation is a vital channel to job development, industry growth and scalability of systems.

Networking is not just something that is important in the business world, but the computing one as well. Even the internet is just a complicated series of linked computers and servers that make up a network, one that operates similarly to that of a human brain.  Max Free is one of the most knowledgeable professionals working within the information technology industry today, something he has demonstrated time and time again. Throughout Max’s lengthy and impressive career he has accumulated many interesting and applicable skills in the computing world, each one more complex and valuable than the last, all-encompassing on his general knowledge and understanding of the field, making him an indispensable asset to any company.


There may come a time where each employee who is a part of your team may become the weakest link. According to Max Free a team is only as viable as its weakest link and that teamwork is essential to completing projects efficiently. This is why building team chemistry is essential so that others can pick up the slack in times when a team member is struggling. This type of management enabled Max to utilize the team strengths and also supplement the team’s weaknesses. While the team works towards one goal there is also an element of education and development.

As a manager in information technology, Max Free has been challenged in many unique ways and overcome them requires a one problem at a time approach in order to achieve any type of success. However having those long-term goals as your building blocks for execution is essential to building the guidelines to goal efficiency. It is this type of teambuilding skills that has enabled his team to fire on all cylinders. If a cylinder is not firing on time and the engine is not being utilized at its peak efficiency and maximum power. This is why a manager is critical to keeping the focus of the team and its goals. Max has worked on everything from LAN maintenance, servers to database management and system development. His expertise in information technology led him to the opportunity to manage small and large team while developing himself professionally and personally to become a leader.

Project management is the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals in scientific or daily problems. Ever since Max Free began working in the information technology field so many years ago he began to develop a vernacular ability and skill for managing projects. Although managing projects can be challenging it has also been quite rewarding Max. It has made his career more fruitful and rewarding in terms of social ability. What he has gained in terms of knowledge is that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Max did get his start in database design and development with a specialized focus in server functionality and connectivity. However, he has since branched out and developed several other meaningful skills in the IT business world. His recent promotion to manager highlights his ability as a leader of a dedicated team of experts that are all working to achieve specific goals. These goals are derived of projects and as the leader of the project team Max has to deliver results in an effective and efficient manner in order to provide high quality output. Project management requires segmenting and compartmentalization in order business to continue to thrive in daily operations. Max specializes in keeping his team on task, on track and meeting regularly to assure that everyone focused on the key project goals. Some of the expected roadblocks come in the form of distractions, miscommunications and disorganization. Max and his team overcome those challenges with patience, understanding and clear communication.

Max Free has established himself in his industry as a leader. His years of system implementation and integration of large databases has allowed him to be coined as a database design and development expert. Max states that in order for systems to be effectively implemented, it needs to be set up as simply as possible as the more complex it is more susceptible it will be to bugs and errors. This is why an experienced professional like Max Free is crucial in the field of information technology and database development. Max has many years of dedicated service in the field making him a top-notch expert. His talents and skills have been developed and fine-tuned over the past years that make him an asset to his company. Understanding intricate and complex computer systems and servers have always been a grueling task, especially for the larger enterprise companies that are planning to implement on a large scale deployment. It truly is heavy lifting and professionals like Max Free have made their mark by becoming the go to experts in this field. Considering the wrong memory required in order to store this information let alone devising an efficient and organized system program capable storing achieving this data can be a dizzying task.


Max Free is a professional in the information technology industry with many years of dedicated service in the field, making him a true expert. Max Free has developed many talents and skill sets over the past years that have made him an invaluable part of his company in part of an elite group of individuals who can implement database technology.

Though Max Free may have started as a software and database design and development professional that specialized in server functionality and connectivity, he has since branched out and developed many other meaningful skills in the business world. Among these many skills is Max’s new leadership position as manager of a dedicated team of experts that are all working towards one goal. Each of these goals are dubbed as projects, and it is up to Max to lead the team in an effective and efficient manner in order to assure that these projects are completed on time, as well as to the standard expected by the company. Project management is a very valuable skill set to develop in the business world, as it is this kind of segmenting and compartmentalization that allows for the modern business industry to continue to thrive in day to day operations. Max says that keeping his crew operating efficiently is a matter of keeping everyone together on the same task, staying on track, and meeting with each other daily to assure that no one is straying away from the main focus of the project. Max says you also need patience and understanding, as inevitable hiccups can occur, but are only made worse by scolding.

Max Free has learned much since he first began working in the information technology field so many years ago, and continues to learn each and every day. Max says that managing many projects with a team of experts is one of the most challenging things to him personally that his career has offered, as he was never one with any social abilities. What he has learned though is that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.

Max Free has been in the information technology industry for several years, serving as both a tech support specialist and system analyst, as well as a spokesperson and salesman of the company. Max Free’s dedication to his job is second to none, as he has consistently demonstrated the perseverance and knowledge it takes to succeed in the industry. As a result of this drive and dedication many of Max’s peers have begun to look up to him, seeking him out for guidance when  handling rather difficult situations that can and do arise within the company. Max’s agreeable personality as well as his patient and approachable attitude have made his a natural leader and mentor for many of the employees at his company. Max says that he never imagined that he would ever take and real leadership role at his company, as he had always preferred a more behind the scenes job scenario. Since then though Max has matured and grown quite a bit as an individual, branching out to many different sections of his field. Max says that management has begun to become second nature to him, where it first was awkward and strained, and that above all he is just glad that he can contribute in a meaningful way around the office.


Max Free says that the key to being an effective manager and leader is to not tell someone how to do something, but to show them. What Max means is that people often take criticisms and accept direction when you do so not as an expectation, but as a guide. Max says that if you show them that you are willing to do anything you ask of them, people are more likely to listen to you as well as respect your input.

Motorcycling enthusiast Max Free never misses the opportunity to hit the open road; to feel the rush of the wind and excitement of the ride whenever the chance arises. Experienced and passionate about riding, Free is always seeking out a new destination to visit or travel to on his bike, and has studied up on amazing places every experienced rider should try over the course of their lives.

Hana Highway

Hawaii’s Hana Highway cuts through an extremely dense Hawaiian jungle while providing an awe-inspiring view of some of the most beautiful ocean-scape and mountain terrain on Earth. As Max Free knows, this journey can present a considerable challenge for any rider, though one should never hesitate to take advantage of this amazingly scenic and memorable riding opportunity.

Max Free

Max Free

Karakoram Highway

Known for its considerable length, exotic scenery and wonderful views of both peaks and glaciers, says Max Free, the Karakoram Highway consists of an 800 mile stretch that connects Pakistan to China. The highest paved road in the world, Karakoram provides elements of excitement, danger, beauty and thrill that would be hard to find in any other riding adventure.

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

This Abu Dhabi stretch of road can test the skill of even the most adventurous and experienced motorcyclist, providing both the endurance and the perseverance of the most dedicated of riders in the world. Scenic, long and lined with numerous adventuring opportunities, Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is certainly one no rider should miss, or fail to cross off their riding checklist.