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Max Free’s knowledge of PC network implementation has become a vital piece of his career development. His emphasis on compatibility and communication between systems has allowed him expert status. The Internet has become a powerful force to be reckoned with in the day to day function of human life. The development of mobile applications, big data, and the Internet of things clearly defines there is no question in the value of Network Implementation. Network implementation allows computers to communicate information among each other in an organized and coherent fashion in order to quickly and easily exchange meaningful data. Without computers communicating with each other the Internet would not be possible. Max Free states that the systems that are required are very complex needing a specific level of expertise and experience that many do not possess. In the field of information technology, network implementation is a vital channel to job development, industry growth and scalability of systems.

Networking is not just something that is important in the business world, but the computing one as well. Even the internet is just a complicated series of linked computers and servers that make up a network, one that operates similarly to that of a human brain.  Max Free is one of the most knowledgeable professionals working within the information technology industry today, something he has demonstrated time and time again. Throughout Max’s lengthy and impressive career he has accumulated many interesting and applicable skills in the computing world, each one more complex and valuable than the last, all-encompassing on his general knowledge and understanding of the field, making him an indispensable asset to any company.


There may come a time where each employee who is a part of your team may become the weakest link. According to Max Free a team is only as viable as its weakest link and that teamwork is essential to completing projects efficiently. This is why building team chemistry is essential so that others can pick up the slack in times when a team member is struggling. This type of management enabled Max to utilize the team strengths and also supplement the team’s weaknesses. While the team works towards one goal there is also an element of education and development.

As a manager in information technology, Max Free has been challenged in many unique ways and overcome them requires a one problem at a time approach in order to achieve any type of success. However having those long-term goals as your building blocks for execution is essential to building the guidelines to goal efficiency. It is this type of teambuilding skills that has enabled his team to fire on all cylinders. If a cylinder is not firing on time and the engine is not being utilized at its peak efficiency and maximum power. This is why a manager is critical to keeping the focus of the team and its goals. Max has worked on everything from LAN maintenance, servers to database management and system development. His expertise in information technology led him to the opportunity to manage small and large team while developing himself professionally and personally to become a leader.