Max Free: Project Management

Posted: March 18, 2015 in Business, Information Technology
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Though Max Free may have started as a software and database design and development professional that specialized in server functionality and connectivity, he has since branched out and developed many other meaningful skills in the business world. Among these many skills is Max’s new leadership position as manager of a dedicated team of experts that are all working towards one goal. Each of these goals are dubbed as projects, and it is up to Max to lead the team in an effective and efficient manner in order to assure that these projects are completed on time, as well as to the standard expected by the company. Project management is a very valuable skill set to develop in the business world, as it is this kind of segmenting and compartmentalization that allows for the modern business industry to continue to thrive in day to day operations. Max says that keeping his crew operating efficiently is a matter of keeping everyone together on the same task, staying on track, and meeting with each other daily to assure that no one is straying away from the main focus of the project. Max says you also need patience and understanding, as inevitable hiccups can occur, but are only made worse by scolding.

Max Free has learned much since he first began working in the information technology field so many years ago, and continues to learn each and every day. Max says that managing many projects with a team of experts is one of the most challenging things to him personally that his career has offered, as he was never one with any social abilities. What he has learned though is that anyone can do anything if they put their mind to it.


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