Max Free: A Leader and Manager

Posted: February 11, 2015 in Business, Information Technology

Max Free has been in the information technology industry for several years, serving as both a tech support specialist and system analyst, as well as a spokesperson and salesman of the company. Max Free’s dedication to his job is second to none, as he has consistently demonstrated the perseverance and knowledge it takes to succeed in the industry. As a result of this drive and dedication many of Max’s peers have begun to look up to him, seeking him out for guidance when  handling rather difficult situations that can and do arise within the company. Max’s agreeable personality as well as his patient and approachable attitude have made his a natural leader and mentor for many of the employees at his company. Max says that he never imagined that he would ever take and real leadership role at his company, as he had always preferred a more behind the scenes job scenario. Since then though Max has matured and grown quite a bit as an individual, branching out to many different sections of his field. Max says that management has begun to become second nature to him, where it first was awkward and strained, and that above all he is just glad that he can contribute in a meaningful way around the office.


Max Free says that the key to being an effective manager and leader is to not tell someone how to do something, but to show them. What Max means is that people often take criticisms and accept direction when you do so not as an expectation, but as a guide. Max says that if you show them that you are willing to do anything you ask of them, people are more likely to listen to you as well as respect your input.


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