Max Free – Amazing Places to Ride

Posted: January 27, 2015 in Business, Information Technology

Motorcycling enthusiast Max Free never misses the opportunity to hit the open road; to feel the rush of the wind and excitement of the ride whenever the chance arises. Experienced and passionate about riding, Free is always seeking out a new destination to visit or travel to on his bike, and has studied up on amazing places every experienced rider should try over the course of their lives.

Hana Highway

Hawaii’s Hana Highway cuts through an extremely dense Hawaiian jungle while providing an awe-inspiring view of some of the most beautiful ocean-scape and mountain terrain on Earth. As Max Free knows, this journey can present a considerable challenge for any rider, though one should never hesitate to take advantage of this amazingly scenic and memorable riding opportunity.

Max Free

Max Free

Karakoram Highway

Known for its considerable length, exotic scenery and wonderful views of both peaks and glaciers, says Max Free, the Karakoram Highway consists of an 800 mile stretch that connects Pakistan to China. The highest paved road in the world, Karakoram provides elements of excitement, danger, beauty and thrill that would be hard to find in any other riding adventure.

Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road

This Abu Dhabi stretch of road can test the skill of even the most adventurous and experienced motorcyclist, providing both the endurance and the perseverance of the most dedicated of riders in the world. Scenic, long and lined with numerous adventuring opportunities, Jebel Hafeet Mountain Road is certainly one no rider should miss, or fail to cross off their riding checklist.




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