Max Free – Well-Trained Professional

Posted: January 10, 2015 in Uncategorized

Max Free is a career IT and people management professional, and has continually benefitted from extensive training in numerous fields, including software, sales, management and talent recruitment. Currently a Service Management Recruitment professional for a well-known recruitment firm, Free relies on his extensive training to provide his company, his clients and his colleagues with exemplary service and performance.

Max Free has considerable knowledge of and expertise in Windows 2000 and XP Server Configuration, PC & LAN Implementation and Management, Office 97 Installation & Support and much more. A skilled management and sales professional, Free has also received high-quality training in Direct Sales, Telesales, and sales team management, and has obtained extensive experience in project management, recruitment management, commercial management and team building.

The management skills of Max Free are supported by substantial practical, technical and theoretical experience in the many aspects of People Management, Sales, Recruitment Management and Information Technology. Free has spent over 20 years of his professional career in the Sales and Account Management Field, and has proven aptitude for dealing and conducting business with professionals of every level of the corporate hierarchy, including people in company leadership positions.

Free has considerable people skills, and enjoys the opportunity to work one-on-one with clients, colleagues and company stakeholders through every phase of concept development, including implementation and management. A competent professional who has the ability to think on his feet, Free has the skills necessary to consistently provide both quality and value to his employer, to his clients and to his colleagues.


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