Max Free: Places to See in Teddington

Posted: October 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

Max Free has worked and resided in the Teddington, Middlesex area for quite some time, and is strongly familiar with the many amazing attractions and places to see throughout the region. An area ITSM and Ecommerce Recruiting professional for several years, Free isn’t hesitant to make recommendations to friends, family and visitors who plan to spend time exploring Teddington’s many unique attractions and opportunities.

Max Free

Max Free

Teddington, as Max Free knows, is well-known for its place in the annals of British entertainment, having served as the site and backdrop for numerous British TV shows. Such shows include This Is Your Life, George and Mildred, Opportunity Knocks, Men Behaving Badly and even the ever-popular Benny Hill Show. Both British and foreign tourists alike will get a kick from being in midst of such an important monument to TV entertainment history.

Bushy Park is another can’t miss Teddington attraction, one that accurately boasts itself as the 2nd largest Royal Park in England, and that remains home to over 320 native deer. As Max Free knows, Bushy Park is favorite of both writers and artists seeking inspiration in the beauty and peace of nature, as well as a hotspot for picnickers and recreationalists looking for an escape from busy city life.

Teddington is well-known throughout Great Britain as a culinary paradise; a home to numerous luxury-grade restaurants and a favorite to anyone looking to tempt and please their palate with an incredible array of delicious food choices, styles and genres. Included in the amazing list of Teddington restaurants, as Max Free knows, is Bengal Brasserie, The Wharf Restaurant, Retro Bistro and many more.


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