Max Free: The Freedom of the Motorcycle

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Business, Information Technology

Max Free is a busy professional, and as such, understands the importance of finding an escape from the rigors of a demanding professional position through a cathartic, relaxing and engaging activity. For Free, that activity happens to be motorcycling, which offers him the chance to enjoy the sun, the wind and the open road while feeling the adrenaline rush of a fast, long and scenic ride.

Motorcycling, at least for Free, is an opportunity to explore the world; to see, visit and experience places both familiar and unseen. Max Free takes advantage of any chance he gets to jump on his bike and take off to an exciting new destination, one he hasn’t had the opportunity to see before and that will challenge his perceptions of the known world.

Max Free

Max Free

Max Free finds a significant amount of inner peace on the open road, as well as a way to achieve a good balance between his professional and personal lives. An avid rider for many years, he passionately seizes any chance he gets to ride alongside his fellow riders, and to feel the rush of the wind coming at him as he heads off to yet another unexplored destination.

A professional in the IT industry for years, Free makes the time to enjoy motorcycling, one of his favorite activities and one that always challenges and excites him in ways that nothing else can. An avid rider and carp fisherman, he continues to pursue his interests with the utmost enthusiasm, vigor and determination, and to seek out new adventures and excitement wherever he goes and whatever he does.


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