Max Free: The Misconceptions of Motorcycling

Posted: August 6, 2014 in Business, Information Technology

Max Free, a talented professional in the realm of Information Technology Management, is an avid motorcyclist who possesses an Advanced Motorcyclist certification and has biked some of the most esteemed, difficult roads in the world. With so much motorcycling under his belt Max Free taken it upon himself to offer insight to beginner or intermediate bikers in the hope they will not seriously injure themselves.

Max Free

Max Free

First, says Max Free, it is a common misconception that most motorcycle accidents involve cars. This is not true as cars, while often containing poor drivers, follow historical and easily-followed habits of driving. It is easy for a motorcycle rider to predict the behavior of cars and adjust accordingly. Most motorcycle accidents, states Max Free, involve other motorcycles. This is why most dangerous form of motorcycle riding is biking in a large group of other bikers.

Another misconception popular among motorcyclists is that they will never experience an accident of any kind. For all its merits, motorcycling remains a dangerous activity in the long run, says Max Free. Usually it is just a matter of time and luck before one is involved in an accident. This fact highlights how imperative it is for a rider to wear all of the necessary protective gear and to avoid engaging in reckless activity for the sake of showing off or recounting a story.

If one takes the necessary precautions and maintains a level head about them, then Max Free firmly believes motorcycling can be one of the most enjoyable and satisfying experiences on Earth.


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