Max Free: The Attractions of Teddington, Middlesex

Posted: August 1, 2014 in Business, Information Technology

Max Free is an Ecommerce and ITSM Recruitment professional who has considerable experience working for a number of firms in Teddington, Middlesex. Max Free is especially skilled in PC and LAN implementation and management and Access Database design and development. Max Free is a passionate resident of his hometown and he offers a number of places he believes a visitor will find enjoyable.

For starters, Teddington is a hub for British entertainment. It has been the site for many popular British television shows such as Opportunity Knocks, Men Behaving Badly, This Is Your Life, Morecombe and Wise Show, George and Mildred, and The Benny Hill Show. British and non-British visitors alike will be delighted to witness the film spots of many of their most cherished television scenes.

Max Free

Max Free

Another local and tourist attraction that cannot be missed, says Max Free, is Bushy Park. It is the second-largest Royal Park in Great Britain and, in addition to many other treasures, boasts over 320 deer who call it home. Max Free says that it is a favorite destination for people ranging from artists and writers looking for natural meditation and inspiration to weekenders looking for a peaceful place to set up a picnic or play football.

Teddington is also a culinary hot spot and offers no shortage of delectable restaurants for the hungry visitor. Chief among these restaurants are The Wharf Restaurant, Bengal Brasserie, Bilas Tandoori, La Dolce Vita, Retro Bistro, and Ladywood B&B. Max Free believes that after a long day spent exploring attractions such as Bushy Park, one will find all of these restaurants to be exactly what they need.


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